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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review:Accessorize Nail polish (Shade 53)

   A few days ago I bought this a new nail polish by Accessorize in the colour Tuscan Clay in shade 53.I cannot remember the exact price but I think it was round about £3.

Now firstly the nail polish has a thick but not lumpy consistency which I like because then the nail polish is less likely to chip or crack.I only had to use two coats of the nail polish (But i could have gotten away with just 1!).So it will defiantly last you a while.
 I love the colour its kinda like a purpley-brown and it's not to bright so it would be perfect for school or work.Plus the polish has a really nice natural shine to finish it off.And dried fair;y quickly.

Overall this nail polish is amazing quality for the reasonable price and also i have had it on for 2 days so far and it hasn't chipped or cracked at all.So I award this nail polish 5 stars.

Love Bliss xo

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