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Monday, 18 June 2012

Perfect 10 Instant Nails.

Hey guys this is a quick post on these acrylic nails that I brought from BodyCare.It cost £3.62 and you get one for free so,It's a really good bargain.I got mine in pearl pink and the French manicure pattern.
It came with many different shaped and sized nails so if you buy them I can guarantee you will find a nail to match yours.
Now I thought they looked quite naturally on my hands and the main problem I have with getting acrylic nails is that they never look natural on my skin complexion but I thought these did!I Didn't have any problems with actually putting the nails on it was pretty simple and it only took 20 mins.However the glue can get really messy so I suggest you do it on newspaper e.c.t.On the box it said they should last up to 10 tens but we will have to wait and see in the review if they did.
So I ill keep you posted on them.
thanks for reading guys.
Bliss x


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  2. hiyya
    how do you use the glue im confused because the actual ones have the top part lid that you can open and use but this one i have no clue on how to use the glue
    please help
    thank you...... :)