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Monday, 18 June 2012

Perfect 10 Instant Nails.

Hey guys this is a quick post on these acrylic nails that I brought from BodyCare.It cost £3.62 and you get one for free so,It's a really good bargain.I got mine in pearl pink and the French manicure pattern.
It came with many different shaped and sized nails so if you buy them I can guarantee you will find a nail to match yours.
Now I thought they looked quite naturally on my hands and the main problem I have with getting acrylic nails is that they never look natural on my skin complexion but I thought these did!I Didn't have any problems with actually putting the nails on it was pretty simple and it only took 20 mins.However the glue can get really messy so I suggest you do it on newspaper e.c.t.On the box it said they should last up to 10 tens but we will have to wait and see in the review if they did.
So I ill keep you posted on them.
thanks for reading guys.
Bliss x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review:Accessorize Nail polish (Shade 53)

   A few days ago I bought this a new nail polish by Accessorize in the colour Tuscan Clay in shade 53.I cannot remember the exact price but I think it was round about £3.

Now firstly the nail polish has a thick but not lumpy consistency which I like because then the nail polish is less likely to chip or crack.I only had to use two coats of the nail polish (But i could have gotten away with just 1!).So it will defiantly last you a while.
 I love the colour its kinda like a purpley-brown and it's not to bright so it would be perfect for school or work.Plus the polish has a really nice natural shine to finish it off.And dried fair;y quickly.

Overall this nail polish is amazing quality for the reasonable price and also i have had it on for 2 days so far and it hasn't chipped or cracked at all.So I award this nail polish 5 stars.

Love Bliss xo

Monday, 4 June 2012


First off I want to apologise for not posting since December.The reason why I stopped posting was purely because I was revising for my exams but,now my exams are over I can blog however much I like.

Now I just wanted to post about this delicious cake that I made yesterday it is very simply to make and it is my home-made chocolate cake recipe.
Ingredients for sponge:
Self raising flour-200g
Baking Powder-table spoon
chocolate-3 squares of caburys dairy milk
Hot chocolate powder-3 table spoons
filling and topping:
Cabury's dairy milk-2 bars
1.Pre heat on to 180 degrees.
2.Put all the ingredients for the sponge into one bowl.Mix the ingredients with a whisk or a wooden spoon and until there is a smooth consistency.
3.Grease to round cake baking trays,Then half the mixture into both of the trays.
4.Put the cakes into the oven then remove and check it is cook aft 25 mins if not cook for a further 5 mins.
For the filling:
1.You need to melt to bars of your desired chocolate.You can either melt it but putting it in a microwave.But i find that the chocolate taste better if you boil the kettle then put the water in a jug and place the chocolate in a plastic bowl on top of the jug.
2.Once the chocolate is melted you need to place half of it in the middle of the two cakes.The on top of the cake.
3.And if you want you can add some sprinkles to make you cake look more colourful

And you done! hope you try to make it and if you do take a picture and let me have a look x
Love Bliss