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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Half and Half Stripe

Hey guys this is my first post.And today I created a very basic and achievable look.This look is really good for people who are just geting into nail art or people who just what something that looks great on there nails but isn't to hard to do.
So all you do is pick to nail polishes that really look good together and contrast.So I picked a very hot pink colour and Black (we all know black goes with everything) I used Matte Nails colour #399 by Gabrini (multivitamin) and Colour #19 b Mua (Make up acadamy).

Then all you do is use any old tape and cover one half of your nail and paint the other side.When the other side is fully dry cover it with tape and paint the other side....And when that side is dry you can peal the tape off.And your Done!!!

This only took 20 minutes for me to do so you can achieve it too.If you do try it make sure you do a post on it so I See how it turns out.



Check out the video on how to achieve this on my youtube page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzrkZPd-KPg


  1. thanks for the comment! I followed! :)

  2. Those are really lovely! Might try it out myself!! x

  3. @Ife you should and there really could quality for the price x

  4. i love mua nail color very shiney cheap and stay for a long time nice blog anyway
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  5. @SadeeStyle Me too it's actually better than some of the more expensive nail polish's and thanks for following

  6. Looks lovely. Never heard of these polishes before. Lord, there are so many brands out there. lol. They look good though. :-)

  7. @LizzyO. Thankyou so much... Yeah there is so many brands these days you just got to find the good ones

  8. This is lovely! I must watch your video, I can never figure out how to do these things on my own. x

  9. @summer trust me it looks difficult but it's really simple I'll post a tutorial soon x